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We love to partner with you where help is needed most

We launched MLOVE Foundation at World Economic Forum in Davos to address the Global Grand Challenges and help people in need

Since 2010, MLOVE has curated a tribe of extraordinary innovators with a passion for meaning in technology. We created the MLOVE Foundation to mobilize our tribe and partners to help scale technology for good. 

MLOVE empowers humanitarian aid organizations and NGOs with turnkey technology solutions to fulfill refugee's needs:





We've already helped with mobile clinics during Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. We developed Medical First Aid Container with Live Video Translation service.

Get more info about RFRC - Refugee First Response Center:

Now we are ready to help Ukrainian refugees with Mobile First Response Center - MFRC.

This is a multifunctional solution which is going to be implemented as an Ambulance Truck equipped with additional tools to fulfill medical and other needs.

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Diana Beata Krüger
Community Activist, MLOVE
+49 (177) 4831 863

Harald Neidhardt

Harald Neidhardt
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Paula Schwarz
Foundatrice, Cloud Nation
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