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We use Meaningful Technologies to Scale for Good.

We love to partner with you where help is needed most.

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We are launching MLOVE Foundation at World Economic Forum in Davos to address the Global Grand Challenges and help people in need.

Since 2010, MLOVE has curated a tribe of extraordinary innovators with a passion for meaning in technology. We are now setting up the MLOVE Foundation to mobilize our tribe and partners to help scale technology for good. Our dream is to bring 100+ connected container clinics to address the refugee crisis.

MLOVE empowers humanitarian aid organizations and NGOs with turnkey technology solutions like mobile container solutions.





Global Grand Challenges can be adressed with connected containers. Mobile clinics are our first priority: We help to scale the Refugee First Response Center ( RFRC ) to regions near the Syrian refugee crisis and beyond.

“Award-winning RFRC is one of the best tech-for-good examples globally”


Monty Munford, Forbes

The Refugee First Response Center is co-created with CISCO and implemented with local partners.

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