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Helping Ukrainian refugees to Heal

Ukraine is being invaded by Russia.

Millions are forced to flee.

4.500.000 +

refugees from Ukraine crossed borders into neighboring countries during the first 5 weeks of the fullscale war – UNHCR reports

How can we provide first aid, health service & communications for people in need?

Starting in 2015, we built Container Clinics for refugees fleeing the war in Syria

MLOVE has conceived the award-winning Refugee First Response Center (RFRC) together with partners like CISCO. 12 of these containers served 10.000 of refugees in Hamburg (Germany), Samos (Greece), and Beqaa Valley (Lebanon).

Now we make them Mobile for Ukraine
in partnership with the DAO Cloud Nation (Tech4Ukraine)

The new version of the MFRC is meant to be mobile and agile – responding to the refugee situation in Ukraine. 

Together with DAO Cloud Nation (Tech4Ukraine) we created multifunctional  solution, equipped with additional devices.

All-In-One Solution

MLOVE Foundation and the Cloud Nation have designed a Mobile First Response Center that combines:

An Ambulance Truck

A pre-owned ambulance for transportation and devices for first aid

Medical Supplies

First aid teams and staff on the ground help customize the medical supplies in the ambulance to what is needed for refugees

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Communication & Info Hub

Modern equipment to provide stable Wifi connection. Plus a laptop and printer to help with local legal & bureaucratic requirements

Charging Stations

Solar and other generators to help with the charging of smartphones and other

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A heated tent that is set up next to each vehicle to provide shelter for refugees, free of cost

Staff Security

Additional options for the outfitting of the MFRCs may include security vests & helmets for two staff + ambulance clothing

Two Stages of Delivery

The first MFRCs would serve on the borders

…later MFRCs would serve within Ukraine itself.

Alleviate the refugee crisis

Our team and partners of many years believe that our initiative will be useful for many refugees who are fleeing from hotspots and transitioning to safety.

MFRCs will help host cities cope with the influx.

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Medical Supplies
Local Operations



Diana Beata Krüger
Community Activist, MLOVE
+49 (177) 4831 863

Harald Neidhardt

Harald Neidhardt
+49 (160) 944 77 555

Paula Schwarz
Foundatrice, Cloud Nation
+49 (160) 9013 3000

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